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Lackey into the muck CMX.jpg

Pomeroy turning n the muck.jpg

Jim Pomeroy had to use all of his skills learned from the GP's just to keep it upright.

Sloppy Hill.jpg

This is the same jump I shot DeCoster sailing over in '75.  In '76 it was a hill of survival.

Sylvain Geboers Roost.jpg

Sylvain Geboers was riding a Maico in '76.  This was my only time of seeing him ride but I will always think of him as one of the big three Suzuki works pilots from the early '70's.  The other two were Joel Robert and Roger D.

Pomeroy up to the axles.jpg

Pomeroy again in the deep mud.

hooked up in the mud smaller CMX.jpg

By the second moto there were a very few sections that were starting to dry out.  DeCoster would come into this area and hook up into a crossed up wheelie and pass other riders at will.

Weil waiting.jpg

One of the classic GP veterans was Adolf Weil.  He was known for being extremely smooth and I always thought he looked a bit like Paul Newman.  Here he parks a seized Maico and does his best to look good while covered in mud.

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