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River of mud CMX.jpg

This race featured a track that was the wettest, sloppiest, worst conditions you could possibly imagine.  The St. Peter's course as you can see in other races was built right at the base of the bluffs of the Missouri river valley.  I don't recall how much it rained but it certainly was a bunch.  Because of the layout of the track all of the water had no where to go but down onto the flat sections of the track.  There were portions that were liquified mud and there were also sections in between that were just real muddy.  The bluffs themselves were still part of the track during practice but increasingly bikes were getting stuck leading up to the hills so the track had to be modified to only the rideable sections.  This left lot's of mud holes and only a few hills that were really medium jumps on a normal day.


Roger DeCoster with coverall's trying to stay dry.  Marty Smith is the background and is just trying to get forward momentum again.

Smith and Arnold pushing home.jpg

Smith's mechanic Dave Arnold helps push his Honda back to the pits.  Notice the banner in the background cutting off the hill.

Noyce glides CMX.jpg

Graham Noyce and one of the last down pipe MX bikes the mighty Maico. These bikes had tractor like motors and did well in the mud.

Concentrate CMX.jpg

I am pretty sure this is Mike Runyard riding an almost unrecognizable CanAm.

1 slipping CMX.jpg

Jim Weinert was slipping around just like most of the other racers.

Wolsink St Peters Mud CMX.jpg

Wolsink like most of the European riders kept both feet on the pegs and finessed the bike in the mud.

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