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125 Start CMX.jpg

Shortly after moving to the Dallas Fort Worth area in 1982 I headed down to Lake Whitney to take in my first National Motocross in 4 years.  My trusty Konica camera I discovered was not so trusty anymore.  Years of abuse from so many races caused the autoexposure to stop working properly and I didn't realize it until I saw the results.  Almost every picture was underexposed I took this day and I believe shortly after this race it was retired forever.  It seemed everthing was against me taking pictures of this race. The film even broke during processing and I lost a few pictures because of it. I held off posting these pictures because of the poor quality. Believe me there was lots of Photoshop time working on these so they look as good as they do. 

Lake Whitney was pretty flat compared to most of the tracks I was use to in the Midwest.  The soil was a sandy clay and offered perfect traction.  Bob Hannah was back from the water skiing accident but by '82 Yamaha had younger stars in Broc Glover and Rick Johnson so Hannah was left to ride the 125 class in his last year with Yamaha. A new crop of riders were on the scene including Johnny O'Mara, David Bailey and Donnie Hansen.  Jeff Ward and Mark Barnett were in their prime at this point.  Here Barnett leads the pack in defending his 125 title.





Barnett turn CMX.jpg

Barnett Charging CMX.jpg

You can see the splice at the top of this photo.  Barnett is charging ahead of the pack.  You know you are in Texas when you see a Texas Ranger on horseback for crowd control.

OMara and Barnett 3 CMX.jpg

O'Mara and Barnett were having a close fight for the lead.

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