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First Turn Herman 78 CMX.jpg

A tight first turn with Rich Eierstedt on a Can-AM and Marty Tripes #27 neck and neck for the lead. Bob Hannah is #2 and Jim Ellis #18. Pierre Karsmakers is near the end of his career at this point and is #34 back on a Yamaha.

3rd turn 1st moto herman 78 CMX.jpg

I sprinted to my left a short ways to grab this shot in the 3rd turn. Hannah can be seen dodging a downed Karsmakers. Eierstedt's lead will be short lived as Tripes quickly took over the lead while Hannah had to work his way up.

Common thread CMX.jpg

Jim Ellis, Tripes and Eierstedt were in close formation for a lap or two.

Ellis & Tripes CMX.jpg

Tripes started to pull away with Hannah back in the pack.

Ellis Tonge.jpg

Jimmy Ellis was fast and smooth but there was always something funny to me seeing his tongue out going into a turn.

Tripes going down herman 77 CMX.jpg

Tripes wheelie Herman 77CMX.jpg

Marty Tripes was one of the most gifted and naturally talented riders ever.  He had been to Czechoslovakia in the early '70's and attended the CZ school, just like Brad Lackey, but Marty was a few years younger than Brad at the time.  He whipped himself into the best shape of his life to take on Hannah in '78.

Hannah and Tripes gnarly turn CMX.jpg

Hannah started reeling in Tripes and it was an epic battle.

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