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If you want to learn anything about motocross bikes and the rich history of the sport, there is no better place to start than Terry Good's "Legendary Motocross Bikes". You will have insight into the technical developments from nearly 40 years ago still evident in today's modern motocross bikes. The pictures are amazing and the stories of the bikes and riders are covered in great detail. If you were like me growing up in the '70's and you were into motocross about the only coverage available was to buy every motorcycle magazine digging to find news about the sport. Later Dirt Bike and other more motocross specific magazines appeared. I would devour each issue and awaited with excitement for the next month to do it all over again. This book is better than any magazine and should be considered the bible of motocross bike history. You can almost smell the castor oil on every page. My favorite feature has to be the story on Joel Robert's Works Suzuki 250cc. This is the one bike that seemed mythical and you will see it up close in all of it's glory like stepping out from a time machine. The timeframe covers the early 1960's to the late 80's. This encompasses the hallowed ground of the factory works bike. The major players from the era are featured Roger DeCoster, Bob Hannah to Johnny O'Mara and Ricky Johnson are included. This is a must read for anyone who thinks they know motocross history or even has a passing interest. You will be pleasantly surprised by the things you read and see and yet the perspective is from the riders and mechanics who lived it. It is 160 pages with historical images as well as recent high quality photos of these rare works bikes. The perfect book for every motohead's coffee table. I highly recommend it. To purchase this book go to: http://www.motorbooks.com/store/ProductDetails_42155.ncm