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594 turnCMX.jpg

The late Danny "Magoo" Chandler 1959 to 2010

It seems fitting that this race now becomes a memorial to Magoo. The rider once known as "The Wildest Man in America" but I can remember him as a young high numbered Pro. I had interest in him since his family was from the general K.C. area. Although he was raised in Northern CA he would sometimes stay with relatives and race locally. I had hung up my motocross boots by this time but I had racing buddy's tell stories of being passed by a wild kid from California who was completely sideways when he went by. In 1982 he was a Team Honda factory rider and the only man to win every moto of the prestigious Trophee and Motocross de Nations in Europe in the same year. Tragically in 1985 he was paralyzed from a racing accident in France. A few years ago a movie was made about his life and I was more than happy to contribute a few of the photos you see from this web site. For more information about him go to www.dannymagoo.com


One of the most surprising events I ever witnessed in National racing happened within the frame of this picture.  Danny "Magoo" Chandler #594 had the inside holeshot in the first moto.  Notice the AMA Official in the white at the top center of the photo.  You can see the track comes down right in this area and would pop riders back up onto the front straight at the completion of a lap. 

Magoo was in the lead and flying when he came around on the first lap.  For some reason the official never moved and was clipped hard by Chandler while he was in the air.  I know the officials arm was broken and he was knocked down but I guess I was too shocked to do anything but watch because I don't have any pictures of the incident.  What happened next was even more surprising.  Chandler managed to keep from going down after the impact and kept the bike upright and steady.  While still in the lead as a rookie he pulled off to the side of the track tossed his bike aside and ran back to make sure the official was ok.  How many young pros today would do the same?   

Hannah ElevationCMX.jpg

The Agency track was layed out across a series of ridges and valleys with lots of elevation changes.  It was the most European track I ever raced on and was a favorite of mine.  The soil was hardpacked orangish clay not unlike Carlsbad and there was not a level section on the whole course.  Here Bob Hannah is negotiating a turn on the back side of the track with the first turn in the top background.

Glover Jump 77 AgencyCMX.jpg

Another view on the complete opposite top side of the track with the start straight and first turn in the background.  Broc Glover is seen here the race before the controversy of his first 125 title.


Jim Weinert and Danny Laporte are hanging out with Hannah in the pits.  You can tell they were friends but you could also sense the pressure building on LaPorte with one more race left in the season.

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