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InterAMA Start

interama startsmallerCMX.jpg

This was the first big time motocross race I ever attended.  These photos are not the best since they were taken with a cheap plastic lens Kodak Brownie Camera.  No shutter speed choice so it was point and click and hope for the best.  Film was expensive so I only shot one roll. 

Here you can pick out Pierre Karsmakers on the yellow Yamaha and one of the CZ riders Falta or Baborovorski next to him.  The other CZ riders dust you can see in front of them.  Brad Lackey is in the green gear behind them near the fence.

Baldwin Park 1CMX.jpg

The track at Baldwin was first class.  Perfect loamy conditions with wood mulch spread on top of the rich Kansas farmland.  Marty Tripes is seen negotiating the track.

3turn baldwin CMX_1.jpg

Dutch rider Pierre Karsmakers was the first European to race a full season in the United States.  He mopped up and almost single handedly made the American riders faster.

14 jumpCMXsmaller.jpg

Marty Tripes was the same age as me and the previous year had exploded on the National scene by winning the first Superbowl of Motocross at the LA Coliseum.

39 big jumpCMXsmaller.jpg

Brad Lackey was a personal favorite of mine because of his California hippie dude demeanor but he was serious about competing against the best riders in the world.  In 1982 he became Americas first 500cc World Champion.

39 big jump closersmallerCMX.jpg

Lackey shows how it was done with very little suspension travel.  The next year the new Kawasaki KX250 looked very similar to this and I had to have one.

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